About Us

Greetings and a warm Caribbean welcome.

As you step into our world, we extend our hands and hearts in a heartfelt Caribbean embrace.

At WYMM 1530/96.5FM, our mission is to champion the rich tapestry of cultural diversity, and our programming is the vessel through which we celebrate this vibrant mosaic.

Established in 2014 and owned by AVM Broadcasting LLC, WYMM 1530/96.5FM broadcasts across the airwaves on both 1530AM and 96.5FM. We are immensely proud to serve as Jacksonville's cherished link to the thriving Caribbean community.

We are dedicated to engaging our listeners by offering an enchanting medley of Caribbean musical genres, including Reggae, Calypso, Haitian Compas, Hispanic Caribbean, Soca, and more.
Here, you will discover music that transports your senses to the picturesque islands, spanning from timeless classics to the latest chart-toppers.

Our cherished audience primarily comprises individuals aged 35-65, with a notable 59% being males, and an average household income exceeding $30,000. Radio, being the heart and soul of many, occupies a special place in our listeners' lives.
They entrust us to maintain their connection to the Caribbean, making them steadfast and devoted, less likely to tune away during commercial breaks.

As the sole Caribbean format in this region, our audience turns to us as their guiding light. They rely on us to furnish them with valuable resources, information, and opportunities that enrich their lives and those of their families on the First Coast.

Advertising with WYMM offers you an exclusive and cost-effective avenue to reach the Caribbean audience.
Whether you seek a touch of island flavor or are an unwavering aficionado of Caribbean music, Caribbean Power Radio 96.5/1530 keeps you grounded in the local scene while spiritually connected to the Caribbean through music, news, politics, and the lifestyle that defines our beloved culture.

We are, without a doubt, the pulsating heartbeat of the Caribbean, right here in Jacksonville. Tune in, and let us serenade your senses, 24/7.

Join us in celebrating the Caribbean spirit, one tune at a time.

Warm regards.

Signal Coverage Map

Ours is the only FM/AM Caribbean radio station in North Florida, providing the listening community with great music, news, sports, talk shows, and promotion of our culture and beliefs. We exist and will continue to strive.

Thanks to all the wonderful staff, board, and listeners, the authentic voice of the Caribbean community!

We are a 50,000-watt commercial, listener- or member-supported radio station, licensed to provide broadcasting for organizations we are in contract with. Since we are not a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we flourish by advertising content.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to promote cultural diversity, and we are committed to education and promotion of talents and unity.

Values and Principles

Our team advocates for unity. We embrace diversity, tolerance of others’ opinions, and freedom of expression. Our group celebrates and promotes the creative, cultural, and political vitality of the local community.

Our Vision

The force that drives this organization is unity, so we provide programming that is consistent with those values. Our music, arts, and cultural programming cover a wide range of expression reflecting the diverse cultures we serve because we strive to foster an appreciation for these compositions and traditions.

We provide access to the airways for individuals and organizations within the community. The statement provides a forum for the gathering, exchange, and transmission of ideas in a cooperative environment that is respectful of each person’s cultural or political perspective.